A blast from the past - the return of leadership classes

Leadership Classes

Originally the Leadership Classes consisted of 12 separate classes, but two (2) classes have been added for a total of 14.

The two (2) additional classes are COMET and Code of Excellence.

Educational and fun these classes will help you understand the value of Labor Unions, how they operate, what is Representation, Grievance Handing, Organizing and more.

Internship Program

With the return of the Leadership Classes Local 46 will also be restarting the Intern Program.

The Intern Program will last 3-months. Those members chosen for the Intern Program will spend one-month in Dispatch, one-month in Organizing and one-month in Representation.

To be considered for the intern program you must complete all 14 classes.

COMET and Code of Excellence

The COMET and Code of Excellence classes are held year round, alternating bimonthly on the second Tuesday of the month.

Even though these classes are being held multiple times, you only need to complete each class one time.

Leadership Classes

Have you taken this series in previous years but would like to brush up on your leadership skills?

Do you have just a few classes left before graduating from this series?

Are you a member in good standing looking to get more involved and learn more about your Local Union?

We encourage you to attend if you can!

Sign up today!

If you are interested in signing up for the classes, please visit the GPSEW site

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